Installation/Live Video - Head 36" x 24" x 7", Neck 8", Shoulder 7.5" x 30" x 7.5"

3xArduino Uno, 3xStepper Motors, 3xWifi Cameras, Wireless Router, Laptop,TV / Adhesive Print on Plywood Structure


Three cameras are mounted on 3 motors, driven by 3 Arduinos. The left (pov of viewer) eye completes one revolution in a minute, the mouth in an hour and the right eye in 12 hours. The wifi cameras connect to a router, which then connects to a laptop and the live video feed is shown on a TV beside the Face.


SMH, (Seconds-Minutes-Hours) is a space-time clock, in the sense that it shows the space, where it is in, and whose videos at its momentary angles become the hands of the clock to say the time.


As time changes and the cameras move, the Face assumes different expressions, like emoticons.


A structure made out of plywood is covered by a skin of adhesive print, which becomes a target. A brown body, expendable, which can be shot at for practice.


As the audience shoots gazes at the Face the Face/Space/Time gazes back at it, and that too visually, literally, physically.


Samantha Amoroso


DAAP MFA Thesis Show, 2017

Contemporary Arts Center(lobby), Cincinnati, Ohio