Intercepted Transmission

Sound, mono, 9m 52s loop; installation 7 in high, 4 in wide(top), 3 in deep, base 4.5 in : speaker, mp3 player, wires

Curated by Near*By


Intercepted Transmission juxtaposes a chorus of “we shall overcome” with the radio transmission of “one giant leap for mankind”. The sounds bring to mind the Civil rights movement of the 60s and the first landing of moon are as relevant today as it was then, as we still strive towards equality and still wander in space for new milestones. It is hopeful yet ironical, a calm background and a chaotic solo. It embodies the duality of the space (of the bathroom) which is at the same time private and public, a space which is approached sometimes as a need, sometimes as a resignation. To the passing listener it may provide a curious interception, in the form of an electronic skeleton of a robot that declares its presence with its blips and blops. To the resigned listener, it may provide a contemplative background score to question what needs to be overcome, and if giant leaps are taken, where do they lead too.