sculptures, images, 2016

3D Staples 5 ft tall (3ft inside), 4ft long, 3 ft wide : 0.5 in steel bars, Organic Exterior 11 in wide, 6.5 in high, 6 in deep : plywood, rubber tiles, masking tape Bubbles 9 in wide, 6 in high, 2 in deep : crystal clear resin, screen, media player, video (2m 12s loop)

Organic Exterior


Frame is a minimalist, formal and technological representation of contemporary life. It is made of 3 parts, the steel frame, which is composed from the form of the staple placed in 3 planes and  joined together(signifying buildings or structures we find ourselves in). Then there is another frame, but wooden, a decorative shell (signifying the human body). And finally a video of bubbles (atoms, cosmos, et al.)  plays on a screen encapsulated in plastic (signifying the plasticity of human existence).

3D Staples modeling amidst architecture