Eye Machine

Interactive Installation/Video -  Server Cage, Chair, Bike Helmet, Stereoscope, Headphones, Phone

Enclosure 70 " x 25 " x 39 " (approx) Headgear 10" x 15" x 9", Video(split-screen) 2m 30s loop, color, stereo


Eye-Machine uses a stereoscope to show a split-screen video. As a result, wearing the Headgear, one experiences a biological breakdown of their visual mechanics. One experiences an image, created by oneself, which is an overlap of the two side by side images.

(note: actual/individual experience requires stereoscope)

Thanks Harry Sanchez Jr., Sumanta Banerjee, Shouri Shome, Nina Devine


Tripwire, 2018

Dodd Galleries, Lamar Dodd School of Art,

University of Georgia, Athens, GA


DAAP MFA Thesis Show, 2017

Contemporary Arts Center(4th floor), Cincinnati, OH

Instructions Poster