Audio-visual performance (live processing, mixing, electronics), duration - 10 m (approx)


Still from performance at CAC Blackbox, Dec 2016

Video/Live Processing - Sayak Shome

Composition/Live Electronics - Zhixin Xu

Performer (Violin) - Maciej Latawiec

Crosley is an audio-visual portrait of the abandoned historic building of the same name (Crosley), which in the form of live performance toys with the idea of active perception, visibility and obscurity of the interior and the exterior, of images and sounds rearranging their equilibria. The images were recorded, and then edited loosely in time with the musical composition, which were then processed and mixed live, through a custom patch made in MAX/MSP(Jitter). The music creates a sense of desolation, depression, while treating it delicately. It is an electroacoustic piece for solo violin. The electronic part is achieved by processing the acoustic violin sound through using software such as Max/MSP and Real Time Cmix.


Screenshot of max-patch: presentation mode (for video)


Not Everybody at Once, CAC Black Box, Cincinnati, OH (December 2016)

(Aural part) Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati, OH (December 2016)

CAC Blackbox Performance